Just some notes mostly

Flexbox Notes
24 Feb 2018
Bootstrap 4 is released and it uses Flexbox. Time to get up to speed on this useful css module.
Notes on internationalization in ASP .NET Core applications
20 Sep 2017
GNU Make is an automation tool for compiling and building applications and is part of the GNU Toolchain.
02 Sep 2017
Flow is a static type checker for your JavaScript code.
PHPExcel Notes
23 Sep 2016

Notes from initial research on PHPExcel.

12 Sep 2016

Notes from initial research on VPC

I recently changed the permalinks for my blog posts in my Github Jekyll Blog. I also added redirects from the previous urls to the new one.

When moving a WordPress site to a new server running the latest version of PHP5 (i.e. > 5.3), PHP Warnings may appear.

Listening for scroll events

Created a sample .NET MVC5 Single Page application that displays a list of events and displays a Google map of the location for each event.

Git Tips (Rough Draft)

Created a sample .NET MVC web application with sorting and pagination. The application was a test for my application to a .NET developer position with a local company.

Using SQLite and EF6
09 Feb 2015

Created a sample console app using SQLite and EF6. The application uses the Chinook SQLite database and just displays the list of artists and albums that begin with A.

ZF3 Roadmap Announced
25 Jan 2015

The Zend Framework team recently announced the ZF3 roadmap.

Today I created a PHP class library and shared it on Packagist. In this post I hope to share my experience.

Studying Owin
16 Dec 2014

Owin is a specification for an abstraction between an application and it’s host. It can be implemented using a delegate to allow a host to invoke an application passing in a properties collection.