ZF3 Roadmap Announced

ZF3 Roadmap Announced

ZF3 Roadmap Announced Jan 25, 2015

The Zend Framework team recently announced the ZF3 roadmap.

The plans for ZF3 include:

  • Separating components into individual, versioned projects. This enables broader re-use and higher velocity of innovation. Strong emphasis on HTTP messages, with Matthew leading the PSR-7 specification.

  • Updating our existing full-stack MVC framework to depend on the newly independent components for better reuse and simplicity. ZF2 MVC applications will have a documented upgrade path to ZF3 requiring minimal changes.

  • Embracing middleware runtime patterns as a lighter weight alternative to the enterprise MVC framework stack. Enabling Apigility to work as a middleware stack, for better performance and simplicity, with the same streamlined, powerful user experience.

  • Optimizing for PHP 7, but supporting PHP 5.5 onwards.